Enoturismo Le Rampe

Enoturismo Le Rampe

Ospitalità, Degustazione e Vendita Prodotti Tipici

Camere e Alloggi

Camere e Alloggi

Spazi confortevoli e curati nei particolari, accolgono l’ospite facendogli percepire quel calore famigliare che ricorda le famiglie numerose di una volta.

A family…A story of relation and tradition of The territory

The passion and love for this land and the respect for the territory, are the values that are inside Eli and Daniela heart for more than 10 years they worked together with the daughter Elisa and Tiziano her husband, to conduct this family Company.

The biggest luck for Tenuta Torre Zecchei is to be surrounded by the hills, in the land of the real Docg Prosecco Superiore, the Precious gift of the vineyards of property.

One of these is located in Cozzuolo, with more than 10 hectares of vineyards, along the hills in Vittorio Veneto.

A wide parcel with steep grades, therefor called “Le Rampe” by Eli.
Here is located The “Enoturismo Le Rampe “, born in an ancient farm that looks like a guard over The whole vineyards.

The building have been restored in the respect of the original materials, and the farm is now reborn with new life as a B&B and a wine shop, where you can taste all wines and all the products km zero coming from the family activity.

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Via Col di Lana, 19
Cozzuolo di Vittorio Veneto
Treviso - Italy
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