Colazione Bed e Breakfast Vittorio Veneto

Having breakfast with zero-km products….that you can bring home!

The Tenuta in Cozzuolo is characterized by wineyard cultivation, but also fruit trees and olive trees are cultivated to obtain fruits to make fruit jam or olives to make olive oil.

You can find also a courtyard animal area: chickens, ducks, cocks and pigs, that offer eggs and the production of cured meats.

These products are offered during breakfast, thanks to Daniela’s receips of omelet, home made cakes, cured meats as “salame” and “sopressa” for the typical venetian breakfast.

The desire of any host is to bring home a piece of the territory they meet on vacation, and for this reason all the products can be bought in the wine shop: oliv oil, fruit jam, radicchio preserved in oil, and most of all a good bottle of Prosecco Superiore Docg.

Dove siamo

Via Col di Lana, 19
Cozzuolo di Vittorio Veneto
Treviso - Italy
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